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Are you a Quilter? Seamstress? Craftsperson? Fabricholic? Explore Art Fabric Studio’s extensive offering of designer quilting fabric. Join other creatives (our customers) on our Show and Tell blog.

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The Lady Behind

Art Fabric Studio


Hey there, I'm Dale

I’m retired but not inactive. I’m a quilter, a feng shui practitioner, a photographer, a fabricholic, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a cancer survivor, an entrepreneur, a reiki master, a basket maker, a hiker, and….did I already say I’m a fabricholic??

I live in Tucson, Arizona, USA with my husband and best friend Paul and our precious fur babies, Woody and Alice, both rescue dogs and cohorts in mischief. My three adult children and their spouses (and my lovely granddaughter Caroline) are in Rhode Island, Florida and Arizona, but always in my heart. My Mom was a painter and photographer; My Dad, a photographer and writer; My husband, an educator, artist, cyclist, musician, luthier…… much more to tell: my love of nature, yoga, my natural food store & deli.

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