Crouching Tiger Breathes Life into Vintage Vanity

Emily sent a photo of one of her DIY projects for a new home. Take it from here, Emily:

Bench and tiger fabric  merged.jpg

I ordered material from [Art Fabric Studio] in order to reupholster a vintage vanity that I had purchased second hand. My partner and I recently bought our first home, which was a good opportunity to dip my toes into the world of DIY furniture in order to fill up some of our space. The first piece of furniture I purchased was a second hand antique vanity to use in a small room which I converted into a dressing room, as we have little to no closet space in our new to us, 1955 home. 

I was not sure exactly how I wanted to go about breathing new life into the old vanity. So I turned to Etsy for inspiration, knowing I wanted to choose fabric first. I stumbled across [Dale’s] shop, and instantly saw the perfect material. It was even more vibrant and fun when I received it in the mail, which came super fast. I decided to paint my vanity a bright teal to pop and contrast with the beautiful fabric! I have received so many compliments, specifically on the material choice! 

I would not hesitate to order or recommend Art Fabric Studio to anyone I know looking for beautiful patterns and quality textile in the future. ……Emily Reid

Fabric is Crouching Tiger by Tula Pink - available (as of 10/11/18) at Art Fabric Studio. Click SHOP in the navigation bar at either the top or bottom of the page.

Emily Reid