Greek Letter Shirts

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Jenn from near the “South Shore” of Massachusetts started sewing when she was given a sewing machine as a child. She told me, “I got into doing this when I was in middle school, and started a small self owned company with a best friend at the time, but the company did not last long since we had no idea what we were doing.” Hey Jenn, it’s amazing just to try to start a company at middle school age. Bravo! Now she sews for fun, making small items for friends and family, such as pillowcases, wall decorations and fashion accessories. This was her first time making Greek Letter shirts for herself and a friend.

Jenn chose a computer motherboard or micro chip design in her fabric. It has subtle silver metallic accents throughout (also available in red and purple, and has coordinating fabrics - search “silver circuits” In Art Fabric Studio on Etsy - or click the “SHOP NOW” button on this website).

Jenn, did you know?…..From, “ Dating to the first century B.C., the so-called Antikythera mechanism stands as one of the most exciting archaeological discoveries ever made. It has been called the world’s first mechanical computer, showcasing the engineering prowess of the ancient Greeks as well as their impressive knowledge of astronomy. Nothing else like it would emerge for more than 1,000 years.”

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Dale Domingue